Early years

I have been programming for many years. I first started programming on a ZX Spectrum that I had for my fourth birthday. This was mainly typing games into it from computer magazines and experimenting by chainging them to see what effect the changes had.

Later, I progressed to the Atari ST and continued programming, making simple applications in my spare time. At the age of twelve, one of my programs for designing gears was bought by a local engineering company and was used as part of their design process.

My first published work (see the article) was on an ST Format cover disk with a small utility called BIC.

Later years

I went to university to do an engineering degree, but soon realised that software was where my interest really lay. I altered my degree and graduated with a Masters in Electronic and Software Engineering.

I am now a software engineer by trade, working for a software house which produces database tools for developers.

Training & conferences

Over the years, I have attended many training events and conferences.

I am a co-organiser of DDD East Anglia, one of many DDD events that are held around the world. I have also attended many DDD events over the years.


I have been an active contributor to Stackoverflow for many years. I find it an invaluable resource for modern software development, but also a useful tool for learning new things.

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